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21-23 February
Country Place, Dandenong Ranges

Join Brett Hill, Marcus Pearce & Kim Morrison for a transformational three day escape to the beautiful Dandenong Ranges!

Breakthrough your relationships, career, nutrition, productivity, movement and mindset at this one-time-only intensive.

“Incredibly life-changing weekend.”
– Lisa V

“An amazing weekend that has changed my life.”
– Juliet D

“My breakthrough was I learnt I could say ‘No’ and stop.”
– Wendy S

“I cannot speak highly enough of the entire experience.”
– Stuart D

“I am blown away with the whole weekend.”
– Carrie C

Get immersed, get inspired, get ready to BREAKTHROUGH!

Highlights from the Wellness Breakthrough 

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Are you ready to break through your biggest fears and roadblocks?

Are you ready to cultivate the intimate, family, social and workplace relationships you are worthy of?

Are you ready to master your time instead of letting time master you?

Are you ready to write the script for your life instead of letting everyone else write it for you?

Are you ready to create the health, fulfilment and inspiration you deserve?

JOIN Kim, Marcus & Brett for 3 days and 2 nights in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges with a tribe of like-minded people for an experience you will never, ever forget!

6PM Friday February 21 to 6PM Sunday February 23, 2020

@ Country Place, Kalorama, Dandenong Ranges

All accommodation (twin share) and all meals provided – gluten-free, vegan-friendly, all allergies and dietary requirements are taken care of.

Registration fee includes food, accommodation, airport transfers, activities and tuition.

Register for one payment of $2997

Partner discount = $500 off. One payment of $2497

Are you ready to break through?


Four experts in health, wellness, self-care and self-love, family & career fulfilment, fitness, business, and more – at your disposal for an entire weekend!

Kim Morrison

Founder and Creator of Twenty8 Chemical-free Skincare and Aromatherapy, Best-Selling Author, Health and Lifestyle Educator. Kim Morrison is the founder and creator of Twenty8 Chemical-free Skincare and Aromatherapy, a five times best selling author and Health and Lifestyle Educator. She set a world record as the youngest female to run 100miles in less than 24 hours. Cliff Young was her mentor throughout and still to this day lives by his ethos that success is 90% mental and 10% physical. She has used her running experiences as a direct metaphor for life – riding the highs, hitting the walls, pushing through the pain barriers, understanding people, knowing one’s constraints and strengths, crossing the line and never, ever giving up! She believes combining your inner power and passion, applying self-discipline, actioning daily rituals and having truck loads of self-belief and awareness is what distinguishes you as an achiever. She also knows it is about visualising your dream and going for it – regardless of the feedback you receive or the challenges you face. As an aromatherapist, remedial sports therapist, PT, personality trainer and a multi-tasking mum and wife, Kim shares the essential tools and rituals she has studied for decades to master self-care, relationship dynamics, self-discipline, leadership, teamwork, chemical-free living and most of all how to embrace an attitude with sparkle!

Brett Hill

Dr Brett Hill is co-host of two of Australia’s top rated health podcasts, public speaker, Paleo advocate, chiropractor, barefoot runner and author of numerous books and e-books. He regularly appears on TV, radio and in print, and his media appearances, seminars, coaching and consulting have inspired thousands of people over the last decade to live a long, happy, healthy life full of energy and vitality.

In his early 20s, Dr Brett realised that it was time to make a change. He had been the kind of child who was always sick – not terribly sick, but not terribly well either. For as long as he could remember he had suffered from coughs and colds at least half a dozen times a year, he didn’t sleep well, was low in energy and not particularly fit. He realised that he had been doing the same things over and over again (including regular doses of antibiotics) and kept getting the same results. He decided to do something different.

Dr Brett realised that if he wanted better health he was going to have to make better choices. At the time he thought nothing of a lunch consisting of a pie, a pasty, a 1.25L soft drink and a chocolate bar. He would regularly go out and drink more than he should, and he did little to no exercise. Something had to give. Over the course of the next decade he gradually turned his life around. He started getting regular chiropractic care, cleaned up his diet, started exercising well and in the process he learnt what it takes to make real life-long changes to lifestyle and health.

In the process Dr Brett has been able to share his journey with his two gorgeous children Tom and Charlotte, who have inspired Dr Brett to take his message to the world in order to create a healthier environment for his family to thrive in.

Dr Brett’s websites, articles, videos, media appearances and books have inspired people all over the world to make drastic changes for the better in their life and their health.

Marcus Pearce

In a former life Marcus Pearce was a workaholic journalist, radio and television producer. That past life included an obsession with AFL football, which led him to create The Run Home on Victorian all-sports station SEN 1116, and work as an associate producer at Channel Nine’s The Footy Show.

That life also included years as a smoking, binge-drinking, overweight, pimply statistic-waiting-to-happen.

The beginning of the revolution came when he met his now-wife Sarah, a wellness chiropractor. Embarking not just on a magnificent relationship but a complete lifestyle and philosophical change, Marcus began to slowly take away his least healthy habits and replace them with life-extending, empowering ones.

The transformation from an addicted smoker to extreme (not necessarily healthy) vegan (sometimes raw) and now back again to somewhere in the middle has taken him on an incredible journey where he’s met and worked with a range of leaders in the health and empowerment world including Tony Robbins, Dr John Demartini and Eddie McGuire.

Marcus is passionate about teaching people not to silently approve what we read in the papers and online, watch on TV and listen to on the radio. Instead, Marcus is about relentlessly challenging people to be their own person, their own “scientific researcher”, their own creator of health, so that they can live their life on their own terms and not someone else’s.

This isn’t like other seminars. In fact, it’s not a seminar at all! There’s minimal sitting, listening and note-taking and maximum DOING. Just hands-on workshopping dedicated to your future.
You’ll be working in small groups of like-minded individuals and us, your mentors. We’ll be spending days brainstorming, making plans, answering questions, supporting and challenging you to level up, get inspired ad soar!

Did we mention that all meals and accommodation are included? We’ve got you covered with the most nourishing fare and stunning scenery possible. Nestled in the Dandenong Ranges, the view alone will give you a fresh perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Wellness Breakthrough?

The Wellness Breakthrough is the signature two-night three-day transformational retreat hosted by Australia’s #1 health and wellness podcasting network The Wellness Couch. This retreat is our “deep and meaningful” experience creating an environment to truly break through in the key areas of true wellness – life purpose, relationships, limiting beliefs, mindset spirit and physical health.

What time does The Wellness Breakthrough begin?

The 2020 Wellness Breakthrough gets underway at 6pm on Friday February 21. Check-in is from 4pm at Country Place in Kalorama. The weekend concludes at 6pm on Sunday February 23 with a shuttle bus taking interstate attendees straight to the airport.

How does accommodation work?

Your registration to The Wellness Breakthrough includes twin-share accommodation with another attendee from the weekend. Country Place is excellent accommodation (it’s regularly used as a wedding destination) and the facilities are outstanding. If you prefer to be in a room by yourself the single supplement fee is $200, which can be paid shortly after registering.

Is there a couples discount?

Yes 🙂 There is a $500 couples discount when you attend The Wellness Breakthrough with your partner.

Who is speaking at this years' event?

Four experts in health, wellness, business, nutrition, fitness, family and life purpose – at your disposal for an entire weekend! The two leaders of The Wellness Couch – Brett Hill & Marcus Pearce alongside Kim Morrison & a special guest will be your facilitators during The Wellness Breakthrough. 

Why did we create The Wellness Breakthrough?

There’s only so much information you can share on a podcast! And there’s only so much transformation that can take place at The Wellness Summit (with over 900 people in attendance this year it’s difficult to get into groups and workshop through the information). With 20 podcasts now on The Wellness Couch, we recognise that listening to a podcast is one thing, but having the accountability of learning alongside other wellness enthusiasts is an entirely different game. Workshopping your way through all aspects of your life in an intimate environment with an exclusive group of attendees and four professional facilitators is our way of taking the experience to the next level.

Will my dietary requirements be looked after?

Absolutely! It warms our hearts that feedback on the food provided has been outstanding for each Breakthrough we have conducted. We bring in a wholefoods inspired-by-wellness catering team who provide delicious and nutritious fare for the whole weekend. Whether your paleo, vegan, autoimmune or high-allergy, you will leave this weekend feeling incredibly well nourished.

What is the schedule of events?

We begin at 6pm on Friday night and conclude on Sunday night at 6pm. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in the communal dining area, and in between meal times we’ll be conducting life-changing, transformational experiences. Unlike a seminar or presentation, there is no strict time constraints. We might be up late and up early, and we may not. This experience is VERY fluid and dynamic (just like life).

Where is The Wellness Breakthrough held?

The beautiful Country Place, nestled in the Dandenong Ranges has been The Wellness Breakthrough home since 2015. Nestled on 10 acres in the small town of Kalorama, Country Place has held over 1500 conferences – from weddings, business events, retreats and so on. We love it for the open-plan dining areas, overlooking the Dandenongs whilst kangaroos hop by. We love it for it’s plethora of break-out rooms where we can workshop with attendees and guide the transformation process. We love the Country Place for it’s proximity to the national rainforest and multitude of natural wonders just a short stroll away.

Located 75 minutes from Melbourne airport, we transfer all interstate and international attendees via shuttle bus. Ample car parking is available for those commuting by car.

What is the refund policy?

Enrolment to The Wellness Breakthrough is 100% transferrable. We do NOT offer refunds to the retreat given the intimate size of the event, catering and accommodation requirements. You are welcome to re-sell or gift your enrolment to your friends, colleagues or family should you be unable to attend. Should extenuating circumstances arise, your enrolment can be transferred to future events hosted by The Wellness Couch.

If I have a question, who do I contact?

Simply send an email to marcus@thewellnesscouch.com and Marcus will respond within 2 business days.
JOIN us for 3 days and 2 nights in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges with a tribe of like-minded people for an experience you will never, ever forget!

6PM Friday February 21 to 6PM Sunday February 23

@ Country Place, Kalorama, Dandenong Ranges

All accommodation (twin share) and all meals provided – gluten-free, vegan-friendly, all allergies and dietary requirements are taken care of

Registration fee includes food, accommodation, airport transfers, activities and tuition.

Register for one payment of $2997

Partner discount = $500 off. One payment of $2497

Are you ready to break through?


I can’t express in words how I feel about this year’s event. Last year was a game changer in so many ways as I achieved so much because of it. This year was SO POWERFUL, I can’t express it. I love you guys 🙂
Leanne Anders

I’ve pushed myself to a new level and now have a new base to start from.
Duncan S

This was my second year in a row and I loved every bit of it. What a great bunch of people all sharing the same journey and pushing boundaries.
Adam W

It’s great to be a part of a supportive community of like minded people. It has reinforced what we want to do and given us some clarity with what we need to do to move forward. Thank you!
Jim V

Overall I am blown away with the whole weekend. My highlights were getting to hear each speaker and having quality time with those we resonated with. I’m taking away a whole new approach to embracing motherhood and what I need to do to ensure I’m on a path to continual learning and betterment. 

Thank you to all the wellness leaders for such an amazing display of generosity and kindness towards us all. Your attitudes and care to ensure all our needs were met was incredible – how do you it?! Looking forward to many more experiences and breakthroughs xoxoxo

Carrie C

The weekend has been amazing! There is not enough space here to write everything I am taking away. So so much! In a broad sense I’m taking away personal growth and personal insight to help me on my path.
Melissa T

The experience has been very fulfilling and enjoyable. The speakers were of great quality. The staff made me comfortable from day one and the interaction was of a high standard. And the menu was fantastic!
Graham B

I would recommend The Wellness Breakthrough to everyone who wants to take their personal growth, life, relationships and more to the next level. This event will take your life to the next level in ways you can never imagine.
Wendy S

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